Entry #1

Hello Newgrounds~!

2016-06-20 11:01:33 by Maakurika

Hi there~ 

I just created an account here to get started with sharing my artwork and get inspiration from other awesome artists!

I'm new into digital art and my dream is to become a professional artist c: (one day)

At the moment I'm trying to understand how everything works here =P

See 'ya around!






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2016-06-20 11:21:30

Welcome to Newgrounds :D

Maakurika responds:

Thank you ; u ; I'm really happy c:


2016-06-20 11:25:26

Welcome. I await your works of art and (one day) masterpieces.

Maakurika responds:

Thank you for the warm welcome ; u ;


2016-06-21 16:55:49

Welcome to Newgrounds! It's a lot to take in. but it is, as you say, a great place to get inspiration from! Here art exist not only in it's digital form, but also in physical form as well!
Newgrounds is a multi- faceted place, with options aplenty! You can investigate the extensive forums, listen to brand new music in all genres, see comedy/horror/geeky/informative films or play variety of games, and maybe even start a few friendships!

I know you'll fit right in!
So long! :)

Maakurika responds:

Thank you for the warm welcome ; u ;
It's pretty interesting to have all those genres together in one place C:


2016-06-21 17:22:23

Hi and welcome to newgrounds :)
Good luck on your art adventures @u@

Maakurika responds:

Thank you! c: I'm on adventure-time now~ *walks aways looking for quests*